South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage


CCUS Resources 

The Centre has developed over twenty reports since its establishment in support of the CCUS Research and development in the and six Factsheets to address stakeholders concerns.  

  • CCS and the proposed carbon tax [2017]
  • Alternative sites for CO 2 Storage and high level technical analysis of commercial CCS in SA [2016
  • Business Case for continued CCS in SA [2017]
  • Analysis and appraisal of global Carbon Capture and Utilisation technologies [2016]
  • Appraisal of Implementation of Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy Hybrid Technologies in SA [2017]
  • Survey the implementation requirements of CCS technology for the South African Industry [2019]
  • Identification & Quantification of the Potential of Carbon Mineralisation (CM) for CO 2 Emissions Reduction in SA
  • [2018]
  • Draft Updated Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) Roadmap for South Africa [2019]
  •  Scoping study for utilisation technologies for South Africa [2019]

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