South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage


Institutional Capacity.

The success of any venture, in this case carbon capture and storage, is dependent on the institutional capacity established to take responsibility for such work.  South Africa has a number of institutional capacities for carbon capture and storage that have been mandated or created by the government. They are as follows;

  1. Department of Energy (DoE) to develop policy and regulatory regimes pertaining to CCS;
  2. Department of Environmental Affairs to implement the National Climate Change Response White Paper; and
  3. South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage which was established in the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) to undertake the technical development of CCS in South Africa.
  4. The Inter-Departmental Task Team, comprising the Departments of Energy, Environmental Affairs, Mineral Resources, Science & Technology, Trade & Industry and National Treasury.
  5. Other Institutions:

              i.      University Witwatersrand

              ii.      University Pretoria

             iii.      University Western Cape

All three universities have cooperation with institutions in Norway

            iv.      Council for GeoScience & Petroleum Agency – Repositories for geological information

            v.      PetroSA