South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage


South African CCS Roadmap.

The mandate of SACCCS is to develop and implement a roadmap for the commercial application of CCS in South Africa. The first and second phases of the roadmap have been completed and now the preparation for the Pilot Carbon Dioxide Storage Project (PCSP) is the focus for the Centre.

SACCCS’s role in the South African CCS Roadmap is as follows:

  • 2004 - Assessment of the potential for CCS in South Africa (Complete);
  • 2010 - Development of a South African Carbon Dioxide Geological Storage Atlas(Complete);
  • 2017 - Commencement of a Pilot Carbon Dioxide Storage Project storing about (10,000 - 50,000t Carbon Dioxide) - (Underway);
  • 2020 - Facilitate the commencement of a CCS demonstration plant (in the order of 100,000t Carbon Dioxid/year); and
  • 2025 - Inform the implementation of commercial CCS deployment (over 1,000,000t Carbon Dioxide/year).

South African CCS Roadmap