South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage


About SACCCS membership 

South African Centre for CCS (SACCCS) a division of the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) under the auspices of the Department of Energy has been mandated by the government of South Africa to investigate the feasibility of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in South Africa. Core to this work is the development of a Pilot Carbon Dioxide Storage Project (PCSP) which involves a geological exploration process to ascertain if suitable geology exists within South Africa to safely and permanently store carbon dioxide (see Atlas of Geological Storage of carbon Dioxide in SA).

SANEDI’s mandate on CCS includes inter alia:

  • Undertake CCS Research and Development (R&D);
  • Build both Human and Technical capacity; 
  • Ascertain state of readiness for CCS project; and
  • Understand the role CCS plays in lowering CO₂ emissions. 

Members would include government, industry, international corporations, and academia, researchers. 
Our CCS team comprises of scientists, engineers, economists, environmentalist, Social Scientist and geologist advocates with an intimate knowledge of their discipline and how it relates to the work of CCS in South Africa. 
By joining the Centre, members will:

  • Become a member of the SACCCS Advisory Committee;
  • Have access to CCS developments internationally (data analysis and projects reports);
  • Participate and influence the development of CCS in South Africa through voting rights on the advisory committee (this point is applicable to paying members only); and
  • Have access to South African CCS data analysis, project reports, pre-feasibility studies among others.

If desired to join as a member but not inclined to pay a membership fee participants will be observers in this case there are no voting rights. 

For more information regarding membership contact Mrs Evelyn Nyandoro on or 011 038 4315